Big and Tall Executive Chairs

Don't settle for less when it comes to your office furniture. KERDOM has what you need if you are looking for a big & tall executive chair to use in your office or home office. We carry a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect chair.

Comfortable big and tall office chairs with style

Chairs covered with leather, faux leather, and fabric add style to the office, regardless of their size. Some mesh backed big and tall chairs have breathable backs for cool comfort. A wider seat base and armrests that adjust in height and width provide maximum comfort during the workday. Select models have built-in headrests and footrests for proper support at any workstation. Most chairs provide maximum comfort for approximately 8-10 hour intervals, depending on the specific chair.

Choose the right big and tall office chairs for the office

Know the weight rating needed when purchasing for a specific individual, as most chairs have weight limits of 300-500 pounds.
  • Consider how long staff use the chairs because maximum support typically lasts 8-10 hours. There are select chairs that offer all-day support. Most of these chairs have taller backrests for individuals taller than 6 feet 4 inches. 
  • Get a chair with proper height and seat adjustments because staff sometimes jump from one chair to another throughout the day. For chairs that tilt, look for one with a tilt-lock option for comfort and safety. If comfort and back support are the main considerations, check out our selection of big and tall ergonomic office chairs.

A professional look

It is important to consider the look of the chair. Some big & tall executive chairs are very professional looking, while others are more casual. If you are using the chair for your job, you should opt for a big & tall executive chair that will fit an office or work setting.

Comfort is key

  • If you are a tall or large individual in your office or home office, you know that a standard office chair just isn't going to cut it. You need a big & tall executive chair. And if you will be using the chair for long periods, such as a typical eight-hour business day, you should also consider comfort when selecting a big & tall executive chair.
  • Look for executive chairs with padding, lumbar support, or enhanced ergonomic features. You'll also want to make sure that the executive desk chair has the right parts to adjust the height and tilt to a comfortable position, as well as the swivel settings of your preference.

What parts of big and tall office chairs are adjustable?

Big and tall computer and desk chairs have height and armrests that adjust easily for maximum comfort. These chairs typically adjust to a higher level than standard chairs for taller individuals. Select chair models have adjustable armrests to allow for a wider seating area. On chairs that have lumbar support, adjust this when being seated, as the adjustments are different for every individual.

Do the big and tall office chairs have weight limits?

Yes, the weight limit varies between chair types. Most of the available chairs have weight limits of 300-500 pounds, while there are chairs available that support more than 800 pounds. It's important to know the weight limit needed before purchasing the chairs.

Are big and tall office chairs easy to maneuver?

Big and tall executive chairs as well as desk and drafting chairs have casters that move easily on hardwood or laminate floors and low-pile carpeting.

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