Kerdom® Direct

Design, develop, manufacture, and sell Directly from Kerdom team.To save all the extra cost from Factory to you, you could have our product in lowest price.

Core Competitiveness

we always improve out core-technique,highly experienced in Office Chairs manufacturing since 2001, besides, we attach great importance to supply-chain control, storage control, global logistics control.

2022 Achievements

We sold over 25,000,000 pcs Office Chairs over 20 countries. Over 20,000 Good Reviews we got on the whole network in different languages on different platforms.


At Kerdom, we make it easy for people and teams to build a beautiful workspace where you can feel and work your best.


Who is Kerdom?

KERDOM is devoted to providing pieces of furniture based on healthy posture development. Our furniture is designed by highly skilled designers to provide comfortable sitting to the customers. It sets global healthy sitting as its mission. Besides,Our recognize the importance of health in a developing world and help out in reducing the issues of back pain and lumber health problems caused by uneven sitting positions

Whether you are working from the office or home office, it’s the best choice given its health benefits.
That’s why we founded Kerdom: to make it easy for people and teams to create inspiring offices. We sell direct, so our collection costs half as much as premium furniture of comparable quality, and design our products with your well-being and work day in mind.

In addition, we have never forgotten to implement humanitarianism. For the third world countries and other poor people, we are doing our best to help them improve their lives.


Making work a little more enjoyable.

It’s simple: when you feel good while working, you’re able to do your best work. We aim to bring joy to your day through a more empathetic,ergonomic, and sustainable approach to how we treat our body and mind while working.


Accessibility through a smarter supply chain.

We view fair prices as a necessity. We started by cutting out furniture dealers and selling direct to you. Then we prioritized a simple, adaptable product line up over endless customizations. It all helps save you up to 50% compared to office furniture of comparable quality


Designed for everyday, built for years to come

Integrating design, research and development, production and sales, Kerdom is committed to high-end ergonomic office furniture.

Life is full of ergonomics, we just take it for granted. Ergonomics simply means that product design that conforms to the physiological structure of the human body.

Kerdom desires to break the convention and explore the artistic office and bring the ergonomic office furniture that combines fabulous design and practicality. High-end quality is just the foundation of a business.


Modern Ergonomics,Modest Price

The Small Task Chair offers a sleek design while delivering comfort for hours of work.

KERDOM Breathable Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair 933-C

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Designed with the goal of combining style and function, the Task Chair’s clean silhouette adds a modern touch to any office. Meanwhile, its five custom adjustments—tilt, tilt tension, height, armrest height, and lumbar—makes the chair ready to serve all of your ergonomic needs, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Color: Black
Size: 933-C