2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad
2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad
2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad
2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad
2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad
2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad
2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad
2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad

2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad

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Enhance your productivity with our upgraded Kerdom TM402 Pro Smart Treadmill. Experience installation-free setup, improved noise control, and the convenience of remote control.
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Happy Working

Compact treadmill is the best partner for standing desk on home office, which is a simple solution to adding movement into your day. All work from home person need this to keep health. In a word, P1 compact treadmills will light up your day at a great price, shop now!

Maximum Fitness in a Minimal Space

With its 44"D x 15"W x 4"H dimension, which is much smaller than other walking pads, this innovative walking pad is designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle without taking up much space.

300LBS Weight Capacity

Walking mode with speeds ranging from 0.5 to 3.7 mph, and a running mode thatramps up the intensity with speeds from 0.5 to 6 mph.


This low profile, space-saving design allows you to store your treadmill out of theway, and easily underneath furniture, when not in use.
Saving Space

Portable & Compact

Created for home and office use. The treadmill features a compact and ultra-thin design that saves space.Put the treadmill under your standing desk, providing you with the best office fitness while you work. Since it only weighs 39lbs, which is substantially more portable than most office exercise equipment.

Easy To Store, Suitable For All Scenes

Kerdom WalkingPad won't take up your extra space The 4.57-inch thickness allows it to be hidden almost anywhere, such as under a table, under a sofa or any other tight corner

4.57-inch thickness allows this treadmill to be hidden in tight spaces.

Our 4.5-inch thick treadmill is the best choice for limited spaces.With the transportation wheels,it can be effortlessly stored under the bed or sofa. 


Treadmill walking belt slips or is off center

If the belt has become off-center, your owner's manual will have instructions on how to re-align it. There are also treadmill troubleshooting instructions such as how to tighten the belt to prevent it from slipping.

What is the deck to floor height?

The deck to floor height is 4 inches.

Where to put the treadmill in small apartment?

After folding, the TM200 compact walking treadmill is only 44.7(inch) x 19.9 (inch). which is convenient to put under a desk, sofa, bed, or any small place you want.

How Often to lubricate my treadmill?

The walking belt comes pre-lubricated from the factory. The treadmills should be lubricated every 3-4 months (regardless of use) or every 50 hours of use.

Can l still get work done if |'m working at a treadmill desk?

You can choose your own pace while you use our custom-built desktop to do your work. It takes a slight amount of time to adjust to moving while typing on a computer or writing on paper, but in no time, you’ll be able to do it all. There are even a number of studies that show positive benefits to standing at a desk instead of sitting all day, as well as moving your legs while working at a desk to increase productivity and creative thought.

Should l be concerned about the line on the running belt?

This is Seal line, The process of joining the belt to itself leaves a visible "seal line", indicating where the belt has been joined together. this line are a perfectly normal part of treadmills, All treadmills have something similar and are not a cause for concern, they will not impede the function of the treadmill.

what is the track length and weight capacity of this treadmill?

here is the size Walking area size: 19.9''X44.7'', and sugguest weight capacity is 300lbs

what is the maximum speed

Hey, the maximum speed for M1 model is 3.8mph / 6.5kmh

What is the max user weight?

The recommended max user weight for this treadmill is 300 LB.

Is assembly required? lf so, is it difficult to assemble?

Easy assembly is required, but don't worry, we have instruction manual included in the package.