Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill
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Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill

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The TM400 Treadmill Is Designed For Your Office.Walking Pad TM400 2 in-1 under desk treadmill has walking and running modes,allowing you to exercise without going to the gym, which is especially useful when the weather is nasty.
  • Monitor the running time, distance traveled, calories burned with the LCD so you can see your progress and set goals during your workout

  • With the remote control, the treadmill allows you to adjust the speed from 1-10km/h to manipulate workout intensity.

  • 5 Layers Shock - Absorbing Running Belt

  • There was no assembly required, just slide out of box, pop in power cable, flip the switch to on.

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Technical Parameters

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User Manual

WalkingPad * 1

Power Cord * 1 

Remote Control * 1  

Remote Control Lanyard * 1

Allan Wrench * 1

This manual contains important safety, performance and maintenance information. Read the manual before taking your first ride on your new bicycle, and keep the manual handy for future reference. 

Correct Bicycle Size Riding a bicycle that is not correctly sized to the rider may result in the rider’s feet not being able to touch the ground and balance the bicycle, properly reach the handlebar for steering or braking, and loss of control when pedaling Use the wheel size in the following table as a guide to match the rider and bicycle. 

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Shock Absorption System Protects your Joints From injuries

Our walking pad treadmill offers a spacious running area of 40" x 16",providing unrestricted movement during your workout. It is equipped with a 5-layer running belt, 10 shock absorbers, and 4 rubber pads,ensuring not only a comfortable exercise experience but also effectively reducing joint impact and protecting the knees.

Designed for office desk treadmill

“Walking & Running model.Meet multiple needs”

With speeds ranging from 1 - 10 km/h,the treadmill allows you to adjust the speed by remote control according to your physical condition and your exercise needs

Portable & Compact

Created for home and office use.The treadmill features a compact and ultra-thin design that saves space.Put the treadmill under your standing desk, providing you with the best office fitness while you work.Since it only weighs 49lbs, which is substantially more portable than most office exercise equipment.

Convenient For Home/Office Use

Easy to move and store, saving your space. The treadmill lies flat under your standing desk, providing you with the best in office fitness while you work.

Work and Exercise At the Same Time

A smooth and ultra-quiet 2.5HP motor and durable steel frame constitute the noise reduction & shock absorption system of the treadmill,
which will make you run quiet and comfortable! The treadmill arrives fully assembled and can be used directly after unboxing!


Brushless Motor,
Noise Reduction

We are always concerned about the impact of noise pollution on human health. So we use the latest brushless motor, the idling noise is lowered to 65 decibels. So don't worry about disturbing your neighbors or roommates when using SupeRun walkingpad.


FIVE-layer Structure,
A Snug Fit On The Foot

Shock-absorbing, durable, and anti-static. Four layers careful design will help you regain your motility and engage in mild exercise. With a comfy foot, you'll feel as if you're walking on a plastic track, and your knees will never squeak.
WFH just got a lot more positive!
I have a job where I'm sitting 8-12 hours a day, often on back to back Zoom calls. Since I got my treadmill I now walk 2-3 hours of that time and hit 10,000 steps a day easily. 
Great Treadmill and fast delivery.
I’ve had my Treadmill about a month now and walk while I work everyday. I’ve lost 18 pounds!
Is worth the cost to upgrade.
Great so far, my last treadmill was from a cheap brand and didn’t last long, glad to have one that’s built to last

Walking Pad TM400 
Compact Treadmills Questions

Are compact treadmills worth it?

Yes, it's fantastic, and worth every penny, especially for an apartment and limited place, this folding compact one is the best choice, it folds quite small and can easily be hidden anywhere in your home. 
And it's also quiet at the speed of 2 and below, the team colleague can't hear you when walking.
 For TM400 ultra compact treadmill, only need less money, you can get an excellent walking pad from a famous brand, with quality guarantee, and you will walk daily to keep active and healthy, so the compact treadmill is totally worth it.

Where to put the treadmill in small apartment?

After folding, the TM400 compact walking treadmill is only 40(inch) x 16 (inch). which is convenient to put under a desk, sofa, bed, or any small place you want.

What is the best Walking Pad Treadmill?

If you only want to walk more in your home or office, Walking Pad TM400 will be your best choice,you will get what you pay for. 
Walking Pad TM400 compact treadmill holds many outstanding features, such as super low price, made by a famous brand, high-end materials, advanced tech, ultra slim running board, patent 180-degree foldable design, 3 methods for speed adjust, high privacy for walking and jogging on your place, high strength aluminum frame, and flexible rollers design to help move. 
Want to get your own compact treadmill? Shop now!