Kerdom TM400 Pro Smart Walking Pad features a compact, portable body design, allowing you to place the Walkingpad under your desk, allowing you to achieve your daily step goals while working from home.

Why Choose A Walking Pad Treadmill?

Running on treadmill vs outside? Running on a treadmill is the best choice when outdoor running is affected by the weather. The walkingpad with foldable body is the best treadmill for home when the weather isn't that great outside and to get some workout when we are watching TV. If you are an office worker, you can choose our under desk walking treadmill so that you can work while walking. This compact foldable walking treadmill is a must if you are a workaholic but need to stay active indoors.
OUR #1 Walking Pad Treadmill

Best under-desk treadmill with incline

Hitting your daily step goal can be tough if you work a desk job. Luckily, Kerdom has some amazing under-the-desk treadmills that allow you to add intentional movement to your work day. The newest additions to our Treadpad  line feature an option to add incline as you walk, so you can boost intensity while reducing sedentary time throughout your week.

Walking & Running model,Meet multiple needs

With speeds ranging from 0.6-3.7MPH, the treadmill allows you to adjust the speed by remote control according to your physical condition and your exercise needs.

Who Should Have A Walking Pad Treadmill?

Compared to the treadmill, the best walking pad treadmill actually have less function, it's totally suitable for these crowds.
  1. People who can't do strength sports. For instance, if one suffers from arthritis, meniscus or ligament injury, lumbar problems, heart disease, and many kinds of sports they can't do, walking is a relatively friendly exercise for them, and a walking pad treadmill for the workstation is the best choice
  2. These one who likes light sports. Sometimes, there is someone who doesn't like running, they only want to make some movement to keep active and healthy, under this situation, a cheap walking pad treadmill is a smart choice.
  3. People with limited time and energy, and prefer sports on fragmentation time. An electric walking pad treadmill lets you walk at work, it can build your body, and keep an active mind, which benefits a lot.
  4. The one who doesn't like big noise and doesn't have big space for the treadmill. Compared to a traditional running treadmill, a treadmill walking pad can be folded in half and put under the desk, bed, and sofa, only needs a small space, for an apartment and limited space, which is a better idea.

Which Factors Need to Be Considered When Choosing A Walking Pad Treadmill?

1. Horsepower. Usually the chp is more important than the hp, the chp refers to the continuous horsepower a motor offers, which makes decisions for running speed and weight capacity of walking pad treadmills.
2. Belt size. The belt size plays a vital role in walking comfort. We need to choose belt size based on our height, the taller you are, the longer and wider the running belt area.
3. Shock-absorb design. This shock-absorbing design depends on the cushioning ability of the knee, good shock absorption is capable of protecting the knee and ankle, as well as reducing noise effectively.
4. Other features. Besides a treadmill walking pad also holds a sturdy handle, and it can be controlled by remote and smartphone, both of them can offer you a better walking experience, and also ensure your safety.

The Difference Between Walking Treadmill and Running Treadmill

1. Speed. The biggest speed of the Walking Pad walking treadmill is 6km/h, while a running treadmill can reach 12km/h.
2.Belt size. Usually a running treadmill holds a longer and wider belt size than a walk pad treadmill considering the comfort of running.
3. Function. A running treadmill holds more function than a walking treadmill, such as the design of a safety key and handle.
4. Aimed at different exercises. A treadmill walking pad suits light sports, while a running treadmill is fit for strength exercise, and the biggest function of walking is to keep the mind active, and moving while running is better for losing weight.

How Much Weight Can A Walking Pad Hold?

So far, the weight capacity of the WalkingPad treadmill can arrive at 300 lbs. Aimed at different demands, we design several kinds of portable walking pad treadmills, based on your weight, together with other factors, like budget and features, you can choose your most suitable one.